Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris
Braintree / PayPal
Computer Person
Andrew is a human in San Francisco, who by day writes code and cultivates servers in the cloud. His professional track has led him to backend application development at a small and lovely startup, through to the acquisition of that startup by PayPal, into similar backend app dev at PayPal proper, and now into backend operation and tooling development at Braintree. In a past life, he was a researcher in a human-computer interaction lab in Illinois, much closer to humans than to machines. When away from work, he enjoys hiking and video games, and probably other things too.
Empathy Scaling

Operations, the Ops side of the mythical DevOps, is hard. Often it is hard in weird ways that are invisible to most onlookers. When it is visible, it is often unglamorous and esoteric. On top of that, some of it is completely ephemeral and transient. It can be difficult to communicate those oddities, esoterica, and transiences to other developers, other coworkers, friends, and family.

This talk will look at tools - emotional tools - for ops-devs, systems engineers, operators, and others who wrangle servers, to use in coping with these communication challenges. How do you explain an on-call rotation and the life impact that carries? What did you work on today, and what incremental successes did you experience? How do you remain productive while servers are spinning up and down? When the failures and outages are highly visible, how do you derive pride and satisfaction from the unseen?