Bruce Wong
Bruce Wong
Senior Engineering Manager
Bruce Wong is a technology leader at Twilio, a Cloud Communications Platform that enables developers to integrate rich communication into products. In a previous life Bruce founded Chaos Engineering at Netflix; a team that set out to change the way engineering thought about how to own and operate large scale resilient systems. Thanks to Twilio and Netflix, Bruce experienced the challenges of building and operating products with a global reach and distributed global infrastructure.
Building and Operating a Global Multi-Region, Multi-Cloud architectur

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that developers and businesses use to power modern communications solutions.

Innovators and disruptors including Uber and Airbnb use Twilio to create great customer communications. So do enterprises like Coca-Cola, Nordstrom and Wal-Mart and over 450 nonprofit organizations such as the Red Cross, Dr.’s Without Borders and the Polaris Project.

This talk is focused on Twilio's multi-cloud strategy, trade-offs considered as well as lessons we learned building, scaling and operating in a multi-cloud, multi-region environment.