Joe Croebak
Joe Crobak
United States Digital Service
Software Engineer
Joe Crobak is a software engineer for the United States Digital Service. His technical interests are distributed systems, particularly the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Before working for the government, he was building data infrastructure for billions of checkins and hundreds of terabytes of event logs at Foursquare.
Scaling Digital Services in the Government

The United States Digital Service is a startup in the White House building government services for veterans, students, and more. Over the past two years and while scaling to a 150+ person organization, we've developed a number of resources (including the Digital Services Playbook and the TechFAR Handbook) and learned a number of lessons about scaling digital services in government. In addition to technical challenges common to many large companies (e.g. backwards compatibility with old systems), government digital services are built under additional constraints (e.g. statutory, contracting, and oversight). Based on experience working on the Quality Payment Program at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, this session will describe challenges and strategies for building digital services using modern software development techniques.