Joel Tosi
Joel Tosi
Product Engineering Coach
Coaching and pairing within and across teams on how to leverage new technologies to drive product learning. Let's talk less about our process and more about what we are learning.
Moving from 'What Architecture' to 'When'

Product architecture is not a fixed thing but rather a spectrum of decisions. Key aspects of your product are costly to change and you need to get them more right early on. Having expensive decisions ’emerge’ would be dangerous. Other aspects you might not know well enough and you need the flexibility of emergent design.

In this session we will look at the two sides of architecture - what happens when you prematurely plan for scale and then what happens when you don't plan for scale - using lessons learned from financial trading systems and commerce systems.

Leave this sessions with tools you can apply to start understanding the spectrum of architecture decisions and start moving the discussion from 'what is the right architecture for X' and towards 'when is the right time / have enough information to deliver X'