John Williams
John Williams
Senior Systems Administrator
John Williams is a senior systems administrator at Basecamp, where he works on storage systems, MySQL and Elasticsearch. In his spare time he collects 9s of availability as if they were Pokémon. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
Multi Data Center Deployments: The Basecamp Way

When we started building Basecamp 3 we wanted to improve our infrastructure. We had gone down the DR data center road in the past and was ready to take it one step further. We decided to build Basecamp 3 to run live out of multiple data centers. In this talk I will discuss the tools we use to run Basecamp 3 live out of multiple data centers. Here are some of the tools I'll discuss: - Anycast Routing - Load Balancing and Routing Traffic - Multi-DC MySQL - Multi-DC Caching - Custom tooling to manage primary/secondary DC status.