Nicole Forsgren
Nicole Forsgren
Director, Organizational Performance and Analytics
Dr Nicole Forsgren is an IT impacts expert who is best known for her work with tech professionals and as the lead investigator on the largest DevOps studies to date. She is a consultant, expert, and researcher in knowledge management, IT adoption and impacts, and DevOps. Nicole is the Director of Organizational Performance and Analytics at Chef and the CEO and co-founder of DevOps Research and Assessment. In a previous life, she was a professor, sysadmin, and hardware performance analyst. She has been awarded public and private research grants (funders include NASA and the NSF), and her work has been featured in various media outlets and several peer-reviewed journals and conferences. She holds a PhD in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Accounting.
What We've Learned From Four Years Sciencing the Crap Out of DevOps

Four years, over 20,000 DevOps professionals, and some science... What did we find? Well, the headline is that IT *does* matter if you do it right -- regardless of company or team size. With a mix of technology, processes, and a great culture, IT contributes to organizations' profitability, productivity, and market share. We also found that using continuous delivery and lean management practices not only makes IT better -- giving you throughput and stability without tradeoffs -- but it also makes your work feel better -- making your organizational culture better and decreasing burnout. Nicole will share these findings as well as tips and tricks to help make your own DevOps transformation awesome.