Tanusree McCabe
Tanusree McCabe
Senior Solutions Architect
Tanusree McCabe has more than ten years designing and implementing enterprise cloud and DevOps solutions for government and industry. She believes that good technology is an enabler for good process, and aims to improve processes while providing technical solutions.
Scaling Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

Automation is king. Security is paramount. How do you marry the two in order to truly produce scalable, secure cloud infrastructure? With advances in software defined networking and API driven infrastructure, it is more possible to deliver a well managed system that can both scale and be resilient.

In this talk, I will cover challenges in achieving this objective and ways to overcome them such as:

  • choosing the right automation strategy
  • defining automation workflow
  • defining and implementing controls framework
  • integrating configuration management
  • integrating change management
  • integrating release management
  • testing infrastructure as code

Using example tooling developed from real world experience, I will provide a demonstration of how to implement scalable, resilient cloud infrastructure using software defined infrastructure and workflow best practices. This is intended to provide a practical demonstration of the lessons learned that the audience should take away.