Theo Schlossnagle
Theo Schlossnagle
Founder and Principal Architect
Theo Schlossnagle, founder and principal architect of Circonus, is a widely respected industry thought leader, speaker and author of Scalable Internet Architectures (Sams). When speaking about his work, he remarks, "I like tackling hard problems and playing with big toys [computing equipment]".Theo is a member of the IEEE and a senior member of the ACM. He serves on the editorial board of the ACM's Queue Magazine. Theo resides in Maryland with his wife and three daughters.
Closing Plenary

I will take you on an opinionated ride through the world of metrics analysis focusing on how even the best intentions can completely miss the point. After all the metrics collection on all those components and all that analysis, can you tell me how many indivudual users suffered at the hands of your application's poor performance? Likely not, but you should be able to; I'll show you how.