Will Leinweber
Will Leinweber
Citus Data
Will doesn't really want to think about how long he's been working with Postgres. He is currently working on horizontally scalable Postgres at Citus Data, and before that was a principal member of the Heroku Postgres team. Please don't try to right-click and steal the source for his WebSite bitfission.com.
How to Launch a Cloud Database Service in 3 Months

There are more similarities between video game development and managing a database service than many think!

This talk will share the design, operation, and monitoring story of Citus Cloud—a Postgres service with horizontal scaling. On the approach side, we'll cover both the scope cut and the lessons learned. On the technical side, you'll see what tools and patterns worked surprisingly well, and of course how we treat every server like an npc in a video game.